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When:  April 6 - 8, 2018 

Where: Big White, BC   l   The Timbers Chalet

Mindful Nutrition & Retreats offers packages for those looking to unplug from the noise, escape the everyday, and get lost in the euphoric, untamed West Coast Mountains. 

Enjoy a week of reconnecting, rejuvenating, and rebalancing your body and mind though yoga, nutrition, meditation and skiing (skiing is optional, please see our packages). Yoga classes are suitable for all levels, and the mountain terrain is suitable for first-timers - through to experienced life long skiers.

Our next retreat is March 4 - 9, 2018 in Big White, Canada. The retreat is held at the Timbers Chalet, which boasts luxury with its one-of-a-kind custom timber A-framed design, private hot tub, and ski-in/ski-out access.

For a full retreat schedule, please click here.




If a dose of fresh mountain air and alpine adventure is what your body is calling for, then some skiing/boarding therapy is the prescription for you!  Whether you are an avid skier/boarder, or excited to learn something new, Big White has the terrain for all skill levels.  

Clip your skis or board on at the front door of The Timbers Chalet, and within minutes you'll find yourself in fresh 'champagne powder', which can only be found in the Interior of BC and is the reason the trees turn into 'snow ghosts'.

Chairlift lines are short, the skiing is magical, and the friendly small village atmosphere makes Big White a welcoming and relaxed place to release everyday tensions and stress.

If you are interested in learning to ski/board, we can arrange group or private lessons on your behalf.

For more information on Big White Ski Resort, please click here.


Nutritionally Balanced Meals

Recharge your body and feel your energy increase throughout the week with 3 nutritionally balanced vegetarian meals per day.  All meals are planned and prepared by a holistic nutritionist,  with the focus on improving digestion to help increase nutrient absorption and stimulate regeneration.

Nutrition Education

We want you to continue to strengthen your health after you leave the retreat, which is why we offer 2 complimentary nutrition education sessions.  Topics include:

'Improve Digestion to Improve Health'

Dive deeper into digestive disorders and learn how to improve common symptoms such as bloating, acid reflux, constipation, poor nutrient absorption, and leaky gut.  Learn why improving digestion is key to improving your health.


'Adrenal Fatigue - A Modern Society Illness'

In today's society the majority of people work far too much, sleep far too little, and feel enormous pressure to keep up with the ever-growing demands of life.  This leads to burn out, exhaustion, increased mental illness and eventually Adrenal Fatigue.  Learn the anatomy of Adrenal Fatigue, how to prevent it from occurring, and how to nutritionally and mentally support your body back to health if you are in a state of Adrenal Fatigue. 

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